Improvements to Your Blogger Outreach Program that Count

by Kaiser the Sage

Penetrating respected blog sites and establishing meaningful partnerships can reinvigorate a struggling content marketing strategy.

With the merits of blogger outreach well-recognized, it’s no wonder that high-profile blog sites are being inundated with pitches. Adding distinction to your pitch requires some planning and inventiveness, writes Jason Acidre of Kaiser the Sage. By thinking outside of the box and sharing your knowledge, you can quickly endear yourself to bloggers (especially those that aren’t tech savvy). Here are some ideas by Acidre to get you on your way:

  • Not every pitch will include suggested writing topics (though they should) and a measurable plan to get readers to the content. This is where you can gain a competitive advantage over the competition; be specific and explain exactly what you can do.
  • Offer up a free or paid e-book. This will get your company’s name circulating. Readers will quickly grow interested if you can give them meaningful content via e-book.

Nothing will get accelerate a company’s content marketing strategy like added exposure. And the right partnership with a blogger can give you that. For more ways to improve your blogger outreach, read the full article by Acidre.