If You’re Not Getting Press, You’re Not Doing It Right

by Inc.

When it comes to media coverage, you’ll rarely (if ever) beat the big guys at their own game. To generate buzz for your small business you have to play by different rules.

“The key is understanding which stories you are qualified to tell and which ones you aren’t,” Jon Gelberg writes in a post for Inc. While you may not be the premier industry expert the media rushes to first (thought that’s a good position to aspire to), that doesn’t mean you aren’t an authoritative subject on your own individual business experience.

“Anyone who has gone through the process of starting and running a business has plenty of stories worth sharing,” Gelberg suggests. The key is to keep it personal and insightful — “How I left a big company to start my own business” or “Mistakes I’ve learned from,” for example. You can also try finding the right way to place your own experience in the context of larger trends and events – “How government regulations are affecting my business.” For more suggestions on getting press, read Gelberg’s full post here.

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