If Marketing Is Dead, How Can You Adapt to Survive?

by GigaOm

marketing is deadTraditional marketing is dead, and old-style CMOs are getting their pink slips. Is there hope for marketers?

Barb Darrow declares in GigaOm that marketing — at least as we know it — is dead. Darrow points to a blog post by consultant Bill Lee who claims that “CMOs, as a species, are under fire” by CEOs who “don’t see ROI on marketing efforts” and who “are sick of being asked for marketing money with no discernible payoff.”

Hope isn’t lost for all marketers, however. Darrow points out that “the most successful CMOs are those who ‘get’ that effective marketing is both broader and more focused than it’s been in the past.” Social networks and search engines have broadened the landscape, but all of that new data “must be monitored and tapped.” So while traditional marketing may be six feet under, the next step in the evolution of marketing is just getting under way.