Identifying the Characteristics of a Good Customer Service Employee

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If you’ve ever had a standout customer service employee on your team, you clearly understand the impact that they can have.

It’s evident that not all customer support employees are created equal. Some of them are legitimately born to operate in this role. Others are trained through employee development to be able to facilitate your customer-facing initiatives. But from an operational management and recruitment standpoint, how do you separate the bonafide standouts from the pretenders during the interview process?

First, you must take subtle cues. Does the hopeful employee listen and seem like they have an interest outside of themselves? Do they show ease in segueing to other topics, indicating an ability to adopt agile development methodologies?

A talented customer service employee will always show themselves to you during the interview process. The rest will only show you that they don’t have the right characteristics. For more on this subject, watch the full video from OpenView Labs featuring Bill Price.