How to Send Your Content Up the Corporate Ladder

by Content Marketing Institute

Of all the audiences content marketers target, executives are often the most coveted and most difficult to reach.

The C-suite is a challenging audience, writes Roanne Neuwirth, senior vice president of the Farland Group, but considering their buying power and the potential payoff, “it is well worth cracking the code on executive content.” In a post for the Content Marketing Institute, Neuwirth points out that C-level executives are “very focused on outcomes and a clear path to value for the time invested…. They know the information they need and value, and do not want to waste time with ‘salesy’ pitches and lightweight stories.”

In order to get their attention content needs to provide actionable information and hard facts to drive credibility. It needs to offer fresh and innovative takes on new trends and solutions, and it needs to deliver it all quickly. Executives also typically aren’t interested in detailed descriptions of technologies and products, Neuwirth advises. You should always “position solutions in terms of the bottom line and what can help grow the business.” For more on getting your content to the top of the corporate ladder, read the full post here.

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