How to Scale a Business: 4 Lessons from TripAdvisor

Learn four lessons on how to scale a business and keep it humming creatively as you expand.

How to Scale a Business: 4 Lessons from TripAdvisor

Jeff Bussgang, former entrepreneur and general partner at Flybridge Capital Partners, continues his series on how to scale a business with a look at TripAdvisor.

In his blog Seeing Both Sides, Bussgang chose TripAdvisor as one of “a few companies outside of the Google/Amazon/Facebook pantheon that have built large, sustainable, profitable business models at scale.”

Bussgang finds four scaling lessons in TripAdvisor’s story. The first lesson involves focusing on a great business model, and TripAdvisor’s “network effect business” serves as an example of how to scale with consumers, venues, and advertisers growing organically. The second and third lessons focus on the mentality and culture of TripAdvisor, while the final lesson covers how to scale and still keep entrepreneurial centers humming as you acquire other companies.

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