How to Pick the Perfect Social Media Monitoring Tool

by Convince & Convert

A word to the wise: do not blindly select a social media monitoring tool. Instead, consider your situation, the tool itself and the objectives you wish to accomplish.

First, start by mulling over the objectives.

  • Consider where you are competitively and where you want to go.
  • What is being said about your company on the social networks and how can you harness this to your benefit?
  • Look at the landscape of your targeted social medium before you leap.

Then, it would be wise to consider your specific situation. Do you have cookie cutter needs or will you need a one-off solution? Third, consider the level of automation you will need in your social media monitoring tool. Will you be working with a team or are you the sole operator? And finally, think about any concerns you may have. If you suspect a problem down the line, make sure to identify it and take the appropriate action.