How to Make Sure Your Startup Team Is Seaworthy

by Inc.

Working at a startup can be a little like trying to sail a boat that you’re still in the process of building – there can be an overwhelming amount of work for a short-handed crew to do in an incredibly short amount of time, and often it’s sink or swim.

As Wendy Lea, CEO of Get Satisfaction, puts it in a post for Inc., “During early stage growth, it’s all hands on deck, all the time…everyone is pushing the boundaries of their skills and knowledge.” In order to succeed, as a CEO you need to be able to find a balance between bailing water and getting constructive work done to advance the business.

Perhaps the best way to accomplish that, Lea writes, is choose your shipmates carefully – at young companies generalists can often be more useful than specialists, as they are more willing and better able to jump in and help out with whatever is needed, even if it isn’t necessarily in their job description. The best hire is someone who isn’t passionate about a specific role, but rather the results that role can help produce. “Hire people who want to get the job done,” Lea advises, “but don’t hire people who are going to be huge sticklers for how it gets done.”

For more on how to build a sea-worthy startup team and help maximize its performance, read Lea’s full post here.

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