How to Fine-Tune Your Scrum Approach


When you’re Google, projects often need to be scaled to your demands.

So when Google enlisted Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of the Scrum method, to aid in adapting and tuning Google’s Scrum practices, it was obvious that it’d be an extensive undertaking.

Enter Scrum

Beginning in 2006, Adwords introduced a Scrum implementation at Google in small steps with remarkable success.Previously, Google had been manager-run, and this was immediately changed. Google employees began working in teams of three, with project leaders floating to and from different teams. And at the Agile 2006 conference, this was presented an exemplary way to start Scrum teams.

Dr. Sutherland used this approach in building the Google Scrum implementation, and to describe some of the subtle aspects of Scrum. Lastly, he also suggested some steps that could aid in distributing and scaling Scrum in a “Google way” in the future.