Hook Them Early: How to Develop Rockstar Tech Talent on a Budget

by Onstartups.com

tech talentLearn how to develop your own rockstar tech talent instead of spending a fortune on hiring senior engineers.

Avi Flombaum, Dean of The Flatiron School and co-founder of Designer Pages, writes in a guest post for OnStartups.com that hiring senior tech talent, though “often cited as one of the most difficult parts of scaling a startup,” is actually “an impractical startup hiring strategy.” Flombaum says that his “best hires were consistently entry-level developers that [he] developed on the job.”

Flombaum goes on to list four reasons to stick with entry-level tech talent as opposed to experienced, cream-of-the-crop types, as well as an action plan for developing junior engineers into exactly the kind of top-tier talent that you were shopping for in the first place. After all, says Flombaum, “for most products, seeking out rockstar senior engineers is like hiring Picasso to paint your apartment.”