How to Design Just Like Facebook

by Luke W

Wanna learn how to design just like Facebook?

Look no further than LukeW, where, using metrics, Luke deconstructs the Facebook design process.

After discussing using quantitative and qualitative data, Luke delves into…

Evaluating Design with Metrics

Facebook’s Growth Team looked at registration and the metrics associated with people that came and went.

Then, using those metrics, they made a simple visual design change on the registration page—resulting in 9 million more sign-ups per year!

When they created a Deactivation page, it reduced runaways by 7 percent, or roughly a million users a year.

Facebook also tracked user engagement. They first tried quantifying success by looking at number of read/writes. Once the “Like” button was created, they saw a 7% increase in writes.

There’s food for thought for your product designers over at LukeW!