How to Champion New Ideas and Strategies

by Fast Company

Senior management isn’t always going to be eager to try something new — often you’re going to have to sell them on new ideas or strategies. How do you confidently go about that without stepping on toes?

“First and foremost, believe in your idea,” says Chitra Narasimhan, Managing Director, Incubation at Citi. “If you don’t believe in it, neither will others.” In a video for Fast Company’s “30 Second MBA” series Narasimhan delivers the keys to championing new initiatives and bringing decision makers on board. In addition to bringing your passion to your presentation, it’s also important for you to know your audience. Having an idea of what they are going to like, and what they are going to be concerned with ahead of time allows you to be proactive in addressing their concerns.

“Better yet, bring them along in the journey with you,” Narasimhan suggests. “If you go to a team with a fully baked idea they’re going to want to tell you what’s wrong with it. Make them part of the design process and build support along the way.”

Most important, try to keep site of the big picture. “It’s easy to get caught up in the details,” she says, “but don’t forget why you thought the idea was good in the first place.” For more advice on championing new ideas and strategies effectively, watch Narasimhan’s short video.

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