How to Build the Dream Startup Team: 6 Necessary Personalities

by Fast Company

Give your business a jump out of the gate with the right startup team that balances creativity with practicality. Know the six startup personalities every dream team needs.

startup teamBetterment founder and CEO Jon Stein knows firsthand what makes the perfect startup team – and it’s not as simple as “hiring a bunch of go-getters.” After all, “big egos and arrogance can turn the office into a battlefield.” Instead, Stein recommends striving for balance and lists six personalities suited to every successful startup.

“Every startup needs a dreamer,” Stein says, pointing out that most CEOs and founders have this quality. After that, your company needs a pragmatic, reliable manager to keep the wheels in motion and to maintain company structure as you expand. Complement the foundation of your startup team with a “workhorse” who will “do whatever it takes to make company engine purr,” the boot strapping “penny pincher,” and even “the social butterfly” who keeps morale up and gets along with everyone. This range of personalities “will lend your office a diversity of perspectives,” and that’s an asset in and of itself.