How to Avoid the Biggest VP of Sales Mistake

by Sales Benchmark Index

vp of salesDon’t fall victim to the biggest VP of sales mistake. Look beyond quota attainment when measuring your managers.

Dan Perry, Principal at Sales Benchmark Index, writes that “the biggest mistake” that a VP of sales can make is to measure sales managers solely by quota attainment. “When evaluating your sales managers,” Perry says, “you need to consider a minimum of five additional metrics other than quota” to give you “an objective view of their overall performance,” as well as “a gauge of not past but future performance.”

Perry provides a list of five of the most common additional metrics for a VP of sales to use, including turnover in the manager’s team, lost selling time due to open weeks, inconsistent ramp to productivity rate, and a team that relies too heavily on one rep to make its number. Perry then recommends comparing non-quota metrics with quota attainment for a clear overall view. “Your best SM might be the one who doesn’t consistently make their quota,” Perry reminds you, but to know, you have to look beyond simple quota attainment.