How Social Media Saved $100,000 on a Product Launch

by Social Media Examiner

Even large corporations don’t mind saving money from the bottom line.

Such was the case with Cisco, which was able to shave more than $100,000 from a product launch by utilizing social media. How did they do it? Through a well-defined and planned social media campaign, that’s how. Back in 2008, the company joined the social media revolution by joining stalwarts Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. At the time, they were certain that they were seeing benefits from social media. They couldn’t prove this, however. So, Cisco decided to launch a new product, a router, using only social media. The results were astounding.

In total, 9,000 people attend the launch event, which was exponentially higher than any other launch they’ve had. It saved 42,000 gallons of gas. They had nearly three times as many press articles, as compared to their regular figures. And in the end, the cost was a fraction of what they’ve paid for in the past.

By taking their product to the social media realm, Cisco set a new norm when it comes to a product launch.