How Small Businesses Benefit from Google+

by Mashable

google+Google+ is sometimes seen as a struggling ghost town, but small businesses can benefit greatly from the search giant’s social network.

“Give the platform’s lack of popularity, should you bother maintaining a Google+ presence for your small business?” asks Alex Fitzpatrick of Mashable. The answer, he says, is “absolutely,” and according to digital marketing specialist Jacob Smith of Zumba Fitness, there are two main reasons to get your business on Google+. First, Google+ “integrates with all of Google’s extremely popular public-facing services: search, Google Places, Google Maps, and so on,” which provides your business with extra presence in all of those areas, particularly search. Also, Google+ allows for easy integration with Gmail, Google Docs, and other Google apps that small businesses often rely upon, which makes internal communication and collaboration easier. Google+ may lack the user base of Facebook, but it’s a different beast, and one that growing companies need to consider.