How Product Management Teams can Improve Onboarding

by On Product Management

When new team members are added in any department, it’s vital to get them quickly up to speed.

In product management specifically, because of the nature of the product managers’ duties, the introductions can’t come soon enough. But some companies fail to deliver the sort of onboarding process that can really ensure a new employee’s preparedness. And in the end, because of the lack of preparation, their first real challenge will be a trial by fire instead of a simple solution.

Product management specialist Jim Holland believes that having a well thought-out onboarding process is the only way to comprehensively ready your new employees. There are three key elements, he says, that every successful onboarding program should have: people, a best practices process and a schedule.

Creating this sort of learning environment early on will reinforce the idea that the product management teams are interested in promoting continual employee development. For more information on improving onboarding inside the product management department, read the full article by Holland.