How Pinterest’s First Investor Found a Needle in a Haystack

by Mashable

By the time Pinterest’s first investor funded the now-white-hot site, he had previously funded about 15-20 startups.

Angel investor Brian Cohen was Pinterest’s first financial backer. But jaded as he was, he stopped telling his family about his investments. This one time, however, Cohen changed deviated from this habit. He told his daughter about his latest investment and she already knew about it. Along with her friends, she was “obsessed” with the site, he came to find out.

How did Cohen identify the proverbial needle in a haystack? It was a combination of timing and opportunity, writes Mashable’s Lanche Ulanoff. One of the factors that was responsible for Pinterest’s success, says Cohen, was the founders’ willingness to listen to advice. That was what he believes separated them from inflexible competitors. For more from Pinterest’s first investor, read the full article by Cohen.

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