How Eloqua Built a Vibrant Online Community

by Strategic Guy

Creating an online community leads to a better understanding of your users and a more loyal customer base. Learn about one company’s success in building their own.

online community

Marc Hausman, president and CEO of Strategic Communications Group and blogger at Strategic Guy, connected with Eloqua‘s Director of Customer Culture Heather Foeh to discuss the benefits of creating an online community.

Topliners, a platform Eloqua created to help identify and increase “top-line” revenue for marketers and sales reps, “was developed around years of interacting with customers and learning how marketers think.” The vision for Eloqua’s online community was to inspire creative marketing and sales campaigns, encourage interaction between members, and obtain details on putting ideas into practice. By creating their own online community, separate from social networks, Eloqua gets a chance to know their customers on a personal level and increase the camaraderie among their users. Foeh even notes that “many prospects actually join Topliners first before becoming an Eloqua customer.”