How Do Successful Entrepreneurs Start the Workday?

by Fast Company

successful entrepreneursTake a cue from successful entrepreneurs who start the workday by focusing on what’s important and letting the daily grind of emails and other small tasks wait.

Kevin Purdy writes in Fast Company that successful entrepreneurs make the first hour of the workday count in ways that most people don’t. “Tumblr founder David Karp will ‘try hard’ not to check his email until 9:30 or 10 AM,” Purdy says, and even employees who aren’t at management level don’t need to check their email first thing. Another trick of the successful entrepreneurs is to start the day with an “Hour of Power” that consists of “light exercise, motivational incantations” and “10 minutes of thinking of everything you’re grateful for.” Another tactic is to start with the tasks you’re dreading the most, get them out of the way, and then the rest of the day looks like a cake walk. Read the full article for more ways that successful entrepreneurs begin the workday, and try them out yourself.