How Customer Relationship Marketing Can Help SEO

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link building SEO help with customer relationship marketing

With the 2012 release of Google’s Penguin update, competitive link building strategies can quickly lead to being blacklisted from Google’s search results. It’s also no secret that building a network of reputable inbound links from sources with high page rank and authority is no easy task, but is critical to SEO. So, how then do marketers go about building links in the age of Penguin? Relationship marketing can help.

As I pointed out in my last blog post, marketers are looking to customer relationship marketing as a viable strategy for growing their lead pipeline while reducing cost per lead. In terms of linking building for SEO, the tactics, technology, and process of a customer relationship marketing program can also be leveraged across target influencers, who can help build targeted content and quality links.

5 Ways Customer Relationship Marketing Can Help SEO

1) Guest Blogging: Think Relationships, Not Links

  • Seek to build new relationships in the blogging community.
  • Offer to promote their content via social channels.
  • Offer them the opportunity to publish guest posts on your blog.

2) Social Media

3) Build a Content Marketing Strategy

  • Get visual (infographics, charts, video).
  • Use polls, quizzes, other interactive formats to encourage participation.
  • Focus on the customer — his or her interest/concern — rather then your company and solution.

4) PR Outreach

  • Find journalists, editors, community managers, etc. on content marketing communities like MuchRack or BlogDash.
  • Reach out with simple messages that start with the most relevant information up front.
  • Don’t over communicate. Like dating, follow the three day rule before reaching out again.

5) Local Link Building

  • Interview local business people relating to relevant industry topics.
  • Use your employees to build local awareness.
  • Get involved with community outreach by sponsoring an event or a local fundraiser.

Just like your customer relationship marketing program focuses on engagement, your link building strategies should focus on building relationships in order to yield the quality links you might be missing out on. From guest blogging to social media outreach, the mechanics involved with a cross-channel, multi-touch relationship marketing program can also open up quality link building opportunities leading to higher rankings, more traffic, and increased brand awareness and lead acquisition.

Do you know of any additional resources or tactics to add to this list?