Holding Off on Healthcare Investments — For Now

healthcare investment

In a post for AVC, Fred Wilson talks about his trepidations about getting involved in healthcare investments.

“Clearly healthcare is a large market, possibly the largest measured as a percent of GDP,” he writes. “But we haven’t seen many large networks of engaged users emerging in healthcare.”

Even after hearing about a new software solution to managing costs in large hospitals from a former entrepreneur, Wilson stuck to his guns.

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“When we look at education, what’s wrong with it, and what needs to happen to fix it, we can see how the web, technology, and large networks of engaged users can impact education in a positive way,” he writes.

After studying the market for a couple years, Wilson says, they started to invest in education services late last year.

“When we look at healthcare, we can’t see as clearly how the web, technology, and large networks of engaged users can impact healthcare in a positive way,” he writes.

This is starting to change, he says. Now, Wilson adds, they’re looking hard for changes in healthcare that can help us start to see the way forward.

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“We know that consumers need to take more control of their healthcare choices, their healthcare costs, and their health,” he writes.

Healthcare, he concludes, is starting to feel like a market where you can make strong returns and also help facilitate important and needed changes.

For more in healthcare investments, read Wilson’s full post here.

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