Avengers Mis-Assembled: 6 Hulk-Sized Hiring Mistakes Everyone Makes

by Fast Company

As Marvel’s latest blockbuster The Avengers proves, few things are more critical to success than assembling a strong team you can rely on.

“But even with the best intentions, you can choose badly,” writes Patty Azzarello, author of Rise: 3 Practical Steps for Advancing Your Career, Standing Out as a Leader, and Liking Your Life. “Particularly if you get really excited about a candidate and hire for the wrong reasons.”

In a guest post for Fast Company, Azzarello identifies six mistakes that can lead to a “superficial, rushed, and ultimately bad hiring decision,” including admiring a particular past accomplishment too much – one spectacular home run doesn’t make a Hall-of-Fame career – putting too much stock in advanced degrees – they’re really “only proof that the person is capable of getting advanced degrees,” Azzarello writes – and falling in love with the person rather than their capabilities – make sure you’re not potentially pulling a Michael Scott and “mistaking how much you like the person as a potential friend with making the right hiring decision,” Azzarello suggests.

For more on how to avoid hiring mistakes that will kill your chances of building a super team worthy of blockbuster status, read the full post here.

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