High-tech Sandler Selling System Training

Devon-McDonald by

This afternoon I am headed to a Sandler Training course in Philadelphia with the sales team from Kareo, one of OpenView‘s portfolio companies.

The session will include training on:

  • Leading the buyer/seller dance
  • In-depth qualification
  • Shortening the sales cycles
  • More effective prospecting at the highest levels

I’m very much looking forward to the opportunity to gain knowledge and insights in these four critical topic areas that I often hear our expansion stage portfolio companies looking to improve upon.

Gotta love Sandler. A big topic of conversation tomorrow will revolve around turning the tables in the early stages so that your client feels that they are worthy of earning your product/services. Here is a direct quote from tomorrow’s training agenda… “Learn how to facilitate a conversation early in the sales process where it becomes the buyer’s responsibility to convince you that they have compelling technical, business and personal reasons to buy from you.”

The psychology of sales. It’s a beautiful thing.

Additionally — I am very excited to meet the sales guys from Kareo. Kareo’s sales team is growing rapidly, and their VP of Sales, Jason McDonald wants everyone to be completely aligned on their sales methodology of choice (Sandler) in order to scale their business and bring revenues to the next level.

Stay tuned for an end-of-week update on my key take-aways from the session!