High-Performing Team: 5 Tips for Building Yours

by Forbes

Get five tips for building and maintaining a high-performing team.

high-performing team

Lisa Arthur, CMO of Aprimo, offers five insights into building a high-performing team in a post at Forbes.

Arthur describes her experiences as CMO of Aprimo, where she decided to ask for help with driving “the change required for positive results and alignment” across the company. She lists the five “most valuable lessons” that she learned while working through the process. First, she says, don’t be afraid to ask for help, since “great leaders realize they don’t know it all.”

Next, assess who in your organization is best at project management, data analysis, and team building to “optimize the talent around you.” After that, learn that “accountability is everything,” and CMOs “must learn to delegate, and then they must follow-up, holding team members responsible for results.”

Make the tough decisions right away instead of delaying them, and realize that you’re never finished optimizing your high-performing team.