Here are Some Surefire Sales Linguistics for Closing

by Heavy Hitter Sales
sales linguistics

In a post for Heavy Hitter Sales, Steve W. Martin explains how to close using sales linguistics.

Martin says closing sales calls should employ a primary closing strategy, utilize fallback positions, and select the appropriate technique to deliver the close.

He offers up several examples of commands (hard close), foreground suggestions (medium close) and background suggestions (soft close) to use in sales situations.

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Time-based technique.

Command (hard close). “This is the last time we’ll be able to extend this offer and we need your answer now.”

Foreground suggestion (medium close). “My boss told me that this pricing expires December 31 at midnight.”

Background suggestion (soft close). “Think it over tonight and I will call you at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning.”


Command (hard close). “If we give you those terms, then you must have our contract signed by the end of our quarter.”

Foreground suggestion (medium close). “I’ll talk with my boss and if he okays the terms, could we have the purchase order by month end?”

Background suggestion (soft close). “Our implementation team will be fully booked starting in September, so to complete your project by year end, we’ll need to have the contract signed in the next couple of weeks.”

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Power of Print. 

Command (hard close). “Our new price list is coming out in thirty days, and I can’t hold these current prices for you after that.”

Foreground suggestion (medium close). “Here’s our volume discount schedule. If you spend another $100,000, you’ll receive an additional 10 percent off the entire order.”

Background suggestion (soft close). “Should I send you a formal quotation that details the purchase price and terms?”

Martin says it’s important to always maintain control of the sales call so you can employ your primary closing strategy and be prepared with fallback positions should your primary closing strategy fail.

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