Harness Wikipedia’s Power for Your Business

by Web Ink Now

In a post for Web Ink Now, David Meerman Scott outlines how to create and edit articles for Wikipedia.

To do so, he taps Colin Warwick, a Product Marketing Manager at Agilent Technologies.

Warwick says the value of Wikipedia increases over time attracting more readers, some of whom become contributors, forming a virtuous cycle.

Warwick says he got involved and started to add little facts he found here and there, which eneded up pushing his own understanding to a higher level.

“The best way to start or add to a Wikipedia article is to gather good web links first,” he writes. “Web-based versions of newspaper and magazine articles. Books. In Wikipedia-speak, it’s called reliable sources.”

He says Wikipedia looks down on user-generated content, but blogs can be a reliable source if the blogger is notable for something other than blogging.

As for creating an article about their own company or its products and services, Warwick says it’s possible but it’s very difficult to not run afoul of Wikipedia’s conflict of interest rules.

“Other editors can smell marketing puffery a mile way and will delete it as advertising in a heartbeat,” he writes. “The only workaround is to put Wikipedia’s goal of a neutral point of view first, and then either proactively seek a COI review, or simply let nature take its course.”

For more on Wikipedia, read Scott’s full post here.


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