Labcast: B2B Marketing Success. Brian Carroll on Lead Generation Part I

In this week’s Labcast, lead generation expert and best-selling author Brian Carroll sits down with OpenView for Part 1 of an in-depth discussion of successful B2B marketing tactics and strategy.

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In Part 1 of our discussion with Brian Carroll, executive director of Revenue Optimization at MECLABS, Brian offers his insights on the biggest challenges B2B marketers currently face, the best ways to identify effective buyer personas and develop effective value propositions, and the role content should play in an overall B2B marketing strategy.


Breaking the Mold: Unconventional Sales Techniques

If you’ve heard the stories behind companies like Zappos and Amazon, you’re already familiar with how a focus on the customer can transform a small company into a flourishing enterprise. Yet the roads that companies like the aforementioned two took aren’t rarely traversed. Their approach to sales was unconventional at best — and at worst, unheard of. Looking at where these companies eventually ended up — a product of their novel approaches — it seems that there will always be a place reserved for out-of-the-book thinking in business. In this short video, author and sales strategist Dan Waldschmidt looks at…

Emotional Intelligence — A Precursor of Sales Success

Will being “emotionally intelligent” make a salesperson more likely to succeed? Some people believe so. Author and sales strategist Dan Waldschmidt claims that this theory is exhibited within the sport of football. In this short video, Waldschmidt says that previous findings on the subject show a correlation between emotional intelligence and success at the quarterback position. Elite football players like Tom Brady, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning are said to be highly emotionally intelligent, but score very poorly on an IQ test administered by the NFL. Yet they’re the best at their position, and Waldschmidt asserts that this is a result of…

Does a Speedy Sales Pipeline Really Increase Revenue?

If slow sales have caused you to consider shortening your pipeline, you should be aware of the associated risks. Dan Waldschmidt, author and sales strategist, warns of some of the dangers in this video. He says that the common belief of having a shortened sales pipeline will result in more revenue is baseless. While it may have the desired result in a few cases, more than likely, you’re not going to fully develop the relationships that need to emerge at the other end of the pipeline. You can only increase new customer acquisition when you fully develop your relationships, and an expedited sales pipeline…

Sales Strategies: Communicating Your Unique Value Proposition

When a company first attempts to incorporate their value proposition into the sales process, it’s  a matter of trial and error. So says author and sales strategist Dan Waldschmidt in this short video. As Waldschmidt stresses, the value proposition is the elephant in the room. Or at least it should be. When you introduce it to your client, you must make it known. It needs to be clear that this is, above all else, what you can offer as a company that others can’t, he explains. For more on the value proposition, watch the video from OpenView Labs.

Finding and Hiring the Right Salespeople

When you’re interviewing a lot of sales candidates, it can be difficult at times to filter out the best ones. The process of whittling down qualified candidates to a select few is  influenced by internal factors that are related to your company strategy and, of course, the candidates themselves. The key to discovering which candidate is going to deliver the goods is to ask the right questions, says Dan Waldschmidt, author and speaker on sales. So which questions are the right ones? Watch this video from OpenView Labs to find out.

What Makes an Effective Cold Contact?

Most executives have very little time to dedicate to intricately reviewing pitches. You will need to create traction from the outset. In order to engage your reader effectively, you must have interesting content when you first make contact. Why? Because the time you will virtually have in front of an executive is limited. Short emails in a conversational tone work best. And there’s no need to be purposefully boring. You must remember that you’re trying to grab the attention of your reader. Another straightforward tip? Don’t put questions in the beginning of your content. People tend to respond to the last thing you say,…

Why Cold Calling Leads to Tepid Results

The warmer a lead is, the more likely it is that your interactions with that lead will have a positive outcome. When warmth dictates success, however, this can paint a less-than-optimistic outlook for cold calling practices. While the practice isn’t dead, with lead information being so readily available, it’s no wonder that calls are steadily warming up. The public opinion of cold calling is what’s driving its extinction. It’s trite, and companies don’t want to be associated with this outdated form of customer acquisition. Fortunately, there are constantly new sales methodologies emerging. And the idea that cold calling can be vastly…