How Do You Define the Minimum Viable Product?

What is meant by “Minimum Viable Product” in software development? “This notion of minimum viable product — a lot of people talk about it, but I find a tremendous amount of confusion about the topic,” says Marty Cagan, a Managing Partner with the Silicon Valley Product Group. In this short video, Cagan outlines how we define minimum viable product, and most importantly, how we validate this concept with customers. More videos with Marty Cagan: What is Product Ownership? The Objectives of User Testing in Product Discovery The Core Competencies of the Product Organization

The Objectives of User Testing in Product Discovery

“I argue that a user test is probably the single most important thing a product owner does in their job,” says Marty Cagan. Cagan, a Managing Partner with Silicon Valley Product Group, says that the objective of the user test is to answer two important questions: 1. Can users figure out how to use the product? 2. Would they actually want to use the product  — and if not, why not? To learn more about the role of the user testing process in product discovery, view the full video.  

What is the Two Week Rule in Product Development?

For product owners and designers, it’s important to get ideas out in front of customers faster. How fast? Ideally, no more than two weeks, says Marty Cagan, Managing Partner at In this short video, Marty explains the purpose behind the Two Week Rule in product development, and addresses some of the concerns about letting the world see your product before it’s “just right.”

The Core Competencies of the Product Organization

How can a company test their ideas in a way that’s both fast and cost-effective? In this video, Marty Cagan, managing director of The Silicon Valley Product Group, reviews the two primary types of prototypes for the product organization —user and live data — and explains how the two are meant to compliment each other during the validated customer learning phase. For more from Marty, be sure to check out his previous videos on product ownership and the roles of the product discovery team.

Reviewing the Product Discovery Team and Its Roles

What is a product discovery team? In simple terms, it’s the group responsible for identifying the minimum viable product that a company can roll out. In this short video, Marty Cagan, Managing Director with The Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG), highlights the three primary roles of a high-functioning product discovery team and explains the responsibilities of each. For more from Marty, be sure to check out his previous video where he defines product ownership for early and expansion stage organizations.

What is Product Ownership?

Companies that have figured out the importance of product ownership have already established a competitive advantage. But many companies still confuse product ownership (also known as product management) with either product marketing or project management.  The product owner role, however, is very different, and it has evolved considerably over the past several years, especially in commercial product companies. The product owner is the person that is held accountable and responsible for the product the team will create. They’re responsible for defining the minimum viable product and ensuring it’s success.  For more information on product ownership, watch the video from OpenView Labs featuring Marty Cagan.