A Tale of Two Scrums: Agile Done Right and Agile Gone Wrong

In this week’s Labcast, Co-Creator of Scrum Jeff Sutherland explains why Healthcare.gov was such a software development disaster, and why Spotify, on the other hand, is a terrific example of Agile done right.

A Tale of Two Scrums: Agile Done Right and Agile Gone Wrong

When it comes to Agile software development, Healthcare.gov and Spotify are on the opposite sides of the coin. While one serves as perhaps the biggest cautionary tale of the decade, the other offers an extremely promising example of the potential of going Agile and adopting Scrum.


Labcast: The Key to Stealing Back Your Productivity

Season of giving? No thanks. Sales coach and best-selling author Mike Weinberg explains why it’s no coincidence the best salespeople are often the most selfish — it’s the only way to stay productive and get things done.

The Power of Being Selfishly Productive

Even outside the holiday season, it’s natural to want to volunteer your time towards activities outside your primary role. For salespeople, that might be helping on-board a new client instead of generating new leads. For CEOs, that might mean trading in the leader role for administrator-in-chief. But while being a team player sure might seem like the jolly thing to do, the truth is the giving spirit is likely distracting you from your most important duties — and hurting your company, overall.


Measuring Key Performance Indicators for Your Recruiting Team

Are you monitoring the success and impact of your recruiting efforts? If not, you’re missing out on important metrics that can transform your company into a lean, mean talent-acquisition machine.

Recruiting Team KPI Metrics

Sourcing, recruiting, and hiring the best possible candidates can be a long and complex process. Implementing the right strategies can help to streamline it, but in order to do that you need to know specifically which parts are running optimally and which aren’t. That’s why learning exactly what you should be monitoring plays such an integral role in transforming an otherwise average recruiting team into a productive powerhouse.


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Labcast: What You Need to Know About Your Buyers (But Don't)

You might be winning over customers, but do you have what it takes to keep them? Learn why gaining buyer insights is valuable to your strategy and how to dig a little deeper when it comes to interviewing your customers.

Prolegomena to an evidence-based policy for software patents

When prospects ask you why they should choose you, what do you tell them? If you’re answer is, “We’re a market leader” or “Our solutions are easy to use,” you’re not digging deep enough. Customers want to know why you’re a market leader, how your product will solve their problems, and why they should choose you over their competitors. The best way to find these answers is by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes.

In this week’s Labcast, marketing consultant Adele Revella explains the keys behind conducting customer interviews and applying buyer insights into their strategies.


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Labcast: How to Build an Internal Recruiting Team

An in-house recruiting team can help save you time and money, but is your company ready to develop its own “talent factory?”

Labcast: How to Build an Internal Recruiting Team

For growing tech companies, finding the best talent to join new or rapidly expanding teams is both a top priority and a significant challenge. After all, making the right hire at this point can mean the difference between launching the company forward or setting it two steps back.


Labcast: Practical Content Marketing: Working Lessons and Real World Tips

Sure, content marketing is great in theory, but how do you develop a program that actually works in the real world?

Practical Content Marketing: Working Lessons and Tips

In this week’s Labcast, OpenView Managing Editor Jonathan Crowe takes listeners inside OpenView’s content factory to explain what it really takes to get a content marketing strategy up and running smoothly.


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Labcast: Are You Ready to Go Global?

In this week’s Labcast, sales and business strategist Dave Brock of Partners in EXCELLENCE sheds light on how to properly incorporate international expansion into your business growth strategy.

Going Global: Incorporating International Expansion into Your Business Growth Strategy

In today’s business world geographical barriers aren’t what they used to be, but that doesn’t mean that international expansion is a business growth strategy to take lightly. Going global presents a myriad of potential pitfalls in addition to opportunities, and only those who plan accordingly will meet with success.


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Labcast: The Problem with the Challenger Sales Model

Game changer or empty hype? In this week’s Labcast, sales and business strategist Dave Brock takes challenger sales to the mat.

The Problem with the Challenger Sales Model

In November 2011, Matt Dixon and Brent Adamson published The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation, the best-selling book based on the premise that sales success isn’t just about building relationships with customers. It’s also about challenging those customers.


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