Great Leadership: 10 Ways to Be Great and Be Prepared

by Inc.

Read ten characteristics that define great leadership and why adapting to them now could save your company down the line.

great leadership

Brian Evje, management consultant at Slalom Consulting, writes that after working with “several leaders who were navigating significant new challenges in their roles,” he’s spotted ten characteristics that separate great leadership.

First, Evje says, “every leader needs to be aware of things that might prevent, delay, or stop growth,” and that by accepting this potential reality, you’re already putting yourself in the right frame of mind to overcome challenges. Next, never be scared of making mistakes, and never refuse help when it’s offered. Be sure to ask for what’s really important to the task at hand, stop micromanaging, and let go “of yesterday’s tools.” See the full post for all of Evje’s ten great leadership tips and be ready to overcome any unforeseen roadblocks in your company’s path.