Great Content Requires PR Push

vickilynn by Content Marketing Institute

Add PR to give marketing content reach.

You have great content, but is anyone is reading it?  The Content Marketing Institute recommends that marketers add a PR component to content in order to expand sales, brand reach and thought leadership. In other words, create your own hoopla instead of hoping for it.

PR does not just mean press releases.  In addition to pumping out these documents, your organization should focus on:

  • Articles
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • YouTube

The Content Marketing Institute presents excellent ideas for the use of PR in marketing.

  1. Use PR to engage: Basically, engagement refers to how users interact with content. Are they asking questions, leaving comments? A good way to get interaction (engagement) is to encourage users to get in touch with your organization through social media channels.
  2. Use PR as Integration strategy:  Integration of PR, social media, content marketing and any other marketing is crucial. This begins with knowing who your audience is, what they want from the content, and where they want to get it.