Great Content Management Marketing Example

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Content management marketing is starting to get really interesting, useful, and interesting. I received an e-mail from Omniture with the subject line “Pick the winner: A Video Game for Online Marketers” today. The e-mail told me to “Accept the Challenge” and “Beat the Boss.” it struck me as interesting, so I clicked on the play the game link. Great game for a behavioral analytics geek like me and I even clicked on the download white paper button to see what would happen. I wanted to see if they required me to fill out a form (and its length) or were going formless. Interestingly, they did have a form, but it was already loaded with my information (passed through a code from the e-mail to the browser…nice example of information systems support). I couldn’t help but download the white paper to see what was next. The white paper is actually pretty interesting and has some useful information. Omniture did a nice job with influence marketing using content management marketing packaged in a friction free and fun wrapper.

This is a great content management marketing example!