Google+ for Content Marketing

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Google + is definitely shaking up the social media space

Just this morning Marketing Profs’ CCO Ann Handley admitted to checking G+ before Twitter.  And it is no surprise that many marketers and VCs have jumped on board.  I’ll admit that I am just getting started myself, but here are the two things I am most excited about:

  1. Google+ is becoming an excellent channel to share your content with a targeted audience.  Marketers take note.  TechCrunch has published that Google+ has become one of its top 10 traffic referrers in a matter of days of its official launch.  Similarly, I remember reading a blog post last week in which the blogger cited Google+ as being the number 3 referrer to his site.  Even if you are not seeing these same results from your Google+ efforts, I’ll bet in time it will begin to drive as much traffic to your content marketing efforts as Twitter and LinkedIn.  You’ll need to dedicate the time and effort to successfully nurture your engagements on Google+.
  2. Google+ has the ability to make sharing exciting news and developments with your influencers. One of my favorite features of Google+ is circles.  Circles allow you to segment the people you follow into different groups and share specific content with specific groups.  So why does this make sense for influencer marketing?  Now you can easily share hot news only with your influencers and keep up to date on what they are currently interested in.

As I mentioned, I am not an expert so I took some time to compile a short list of some great resources to help Google+ newbies get started:

So get on Google+ and connect with me!