Goodbye LinkedIn: Is the Future of Tech Recruiting?

by VentureBeat

LinkedIn may be the online recruiting platform now, but for how long?

One cocky founder claims its days are numbered, and that soon, thanks to his new service, “LinkedIn will become the MySpace of hiring.”

“The job-platform landscape is finally throwing up some disruptive new models. Services are turning their back on the behemoth model [of LinkedIn] and focusing on becoming more community-driven, more relevant and – most importantly – more fun,” writes Linsey Fryatt in this article for VentureBeat.

With the launch of last week from private beta the global developer community now has a platform of their own to connect with each other — as well as potential employers — by showcasing their specific achievements, rather than simply highlighting where they’ve worked.

“The beauty of from a founders’ point of view is that (much like SoundCloud did) it fosters a global grass-roots network of key influencers,” Fryatt writes. “It already has 40,000 of some of the most active and outspoken people on the techsphere on its books, meaning that if the product’s any good, not only do they have a ready-made network of marketers with ‘a brand loyalty that you just can’t buy’, you have a highly skilled workforce who will be willing to work on tasks for free in order to gain achievement cards.”

According to Fryatt, “an A-list of companies has picked up on the service, including Spotify, Yammer, Microsoft, and Wooga,” and it may soon roll out to other verticals in the tech world, as well. What does this mean for developer hiring and tech recruiting? While LinkedIn is what online recruiting looks like now, with, we may be catching a glimpse of what it will look like in the future. 

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