How to Build Your Content Pipeline

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When a company launches a corporate blogging initiative, it often needs content to fill out the pages.

Of course, this content doesn’t generate itself. And if a company is to develop any semblance of credibility within its industry or wishes to secure the respect of the competition through thought leadership, it will need to develop one-off content.

A content marketing strategy will need a team to execute it. And at least part of that team, in all likelihood, already resides within the company. You should select the employees that you feel are a good fit for such an undertaking and encourage them to produce content for the new initiative. In this way, you want to institutionalize blogging and make it part of the day-to-day activities.

To prod your employees a bit, you might have to give them some guidance. A template is one such option. Whatever you decide, your employees will need to supplement your blog in order to produce the quantity and caliber of content your website visitors will desire. Watch the full video from OpenView Labs featuring Ann Handley for more on getting content from your employees.