Getting Customers to Notice Your Digital Publications

by Zmags

Your digital publication isn’t going to get noticed by itself.

It will take a lot of talent behind the scenes to design the most appealing offering you possibly can. Otherwise, you can be assured that visitors will be quick to stop reading your publication. Here are some tips to get you going:

Make a visually pleasing page: Page design isn’t unlike interior design. Use complimentary colors on your page, and make sure they mesh well. Consider using an appealing background image to decorate – just don’t overwhelm your visitors. Remember, less is more, often times.


Enrich your page with media: Add pictures; they’re worth a thousand words. Don’t forget about videos, either, as they’re also a nice touch.


Ask readers to interact: Leave the conversation open-ended. Don’t force anything down the readers’ throats, and invite them to join in on the discussion.

By diversifying your page, you can create an immersive experience for visitors that’ll keep them coming back.