Get On Board: Pinterest Marketing Tips Infographic


Thanks to Pinterest, visual sharing has reached a new level and marketers are finding more and more creative ways to grab their own slice of the audience.

If you hadn’t noticed, the web is becoming more and more visual, and increasingly, text content on its own simply isn’t enough to grab interest. Pinning is the new penning and Pinterest is the social network with all the buzz, providing “a visual platform that offers the ecosystem to experiment, play, and trial images as a means of engagement and even selling…used to drive people to landing pages to capture information and buy,” writes online and social media expert Jeff Bullas.

How best to take advantage? Bullas has created an infographic list of 64 tips for marketers looking to dive in or refine their approach to Pinterest, including ideas for contests and collaboration as well as things to keep in mind regarding copyright. For the full list of Pinterest marketing tips, view the infographic here.

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