Get Discovered: Do You Have a Search-Based Marketing Plan?

by B2B Marketing Insider

Do you know what terms your customers are searching for? Are you showing up first in their results?

“A search-driven marketing plan is the only way to ensure that your marketing activities are aligned to your audience,” writes Michael Brenner. In a post for his B2B Marketing Insider blog he describes how research into your customers search patterns allows you to determine and prioritize their interests and concerns. From there you can focus your efforts on delivering valuable content that provides answers to their questions and directs them to your additional solutions.

Keyword research can also help you identify what stage in the buying process customers are currently in. “’What’ and ‘how’ searches are generally ‘early-stage’ searches indicating your customer’s desire to get educated on how to solve their problems,” Brenner explains. “Who,” “why” and “where” searches typically indicate buyers are identifying vendors, and “how much” and comparison searches can suggest customers who are ready to make a decision and buy. For more advice on establishing a search-based marketing plan, read Brenner’s full post here.

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