Gaining Influence Through Your Customer Base

by Convince and Convert

Getting your customers to work for you may seem like a Utopian concept. But, consider for a moment, how many of the top social websites function.

Yelp, for example, functions – and thrives – on its customers for content, publicity and many other facets of their site. Their customers, then, attract more customers.

Why is this? Because Yelp’s users are fiercely loyal. This is truly an ideal relationship for a business. Nothing is better for a company than loyal customers; times may change, but your customers will remain.

How do you accomplish this task? You:

  • Inspire passionate customers
  • Do more than test the social waters
  • Avoid getting bogged down in metrics
  • Blur the lines between offline and online

There are many other companies using this model with great success. If you can harness it, your customers will become your oyster.