Gain Insight into How the Best CEOs Think & Work

by Inc.

best ceosHow do the best CEOs think, work, and grow their companies? For 2012’s list of the 500 fastest growing companies, Inc. surveyed those at the helm and presented the results in three infographics.

Inc. recently surveyed the 500 best CEOs running the companies that made the 2012 Inc. 500 list, and “it turns out that besides launching the fastest-growing companies in America,” these business leaders have a lot in common. To start with, most of the Inc. best CEOs took a leadership quiz in which 51.7% of them self-identified as “Creative Builders,” defined as visionaries who are “happiest at the start of projects.”

A full 40% of the best CEOs also were responsible for the company’s tweets, as opposed to a social-media expert or an intern. Most of the respondents were also “nuts about social media” in general, and relied upon Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to engage with customers, manage their reputations, and even get ideas about how to improve their products. For more insight into how the Inc. best CEOs think, work, and help their companies grow, look at the full set of three infographics available on now.