Free Trial Conversion Rates: Learn How to Raise Yours

by GigaOM

See what vendors can do to spark higher free trial conversion rates.

Barb Darrow of GigaOM writes that according to new research from Totango, free trial conversion rates are highest when the product features a few key elements.

First, Darrow writes, free trial conversion rates jump when the product uses “super simple sign-on processes and easy work flows that help customers get up and running fast.” Totango’s research involved signing up as a regular customer with ten name-brand trial services, and then never once using them. For six out of the ten services, “there was zero follow-up,” and “the best of the companies acknowledged the potential customer with what appeared to be personal emailed offers of support including, in some cases, the email address and phone numbers of an actual person who could help them get acclimated.” Darrow’s central lesson to companies offering free trial conversion is that they need to communicate to get users hooked.