Founder Advice: Get on Board at Another Startup

by Both Sides of the Table

founder adviceIs joining the board of another startup good founder advice? Two VCs think so. Find out why.

Mark Suster, entrepreneur turned VC at GRP Partners, delivers some provocative founder advice in a post at his Both Sides of the Table blog. In response to fellow VC Brad Feld’s founder advice to join the board of another startup, Suster says that he had “always believed startup founders need extreme focus on only their company to succeed.”

After Feld’s article, Suster now says there may be reason for founders to join one board — but just one. “In some ways I see it like the development of kids who learn more from watching their older siblings than by learning from their parents,” Suster writes, and founders are “able to see the board dynamic from a perspective more distant than having to be the person on the hook presenting his results.”