Fixing the Broken Job Interview

by ERE
job interview

In a post for ERE, Dr. John Sullivan examines what’s wrong with the usual job interview these days.

Sullivan says the goal is to make you aware of the things that can negatively impact the results of an interview by highlighting interview problems.

There are several critical problems that can occur with interviews, he says, including:

Using historical information to predict the future

Interview questions are not directly related to the needed skills

(See Illegal Interview Questions (that you don’t mean to ask))

Sullivan suggests crafting a script or plan to ensure the right things are covered so that interviewers don’t just make up whimsical questions.

Inconsistent questions

No scoring sheet

Create a scoring sheet, he says, so you can avoid final decisions being made based solely on memory.

“Scoring sheets forces the interviewers to make their decision based solely on the factors on the scoring sheet,” he writes.

Sullivan says there are several other issues, including problems with the interviewer, which can derail interviews.

Interviewers are not trained

“Managers only receive cursory training and don’t know the pitfalls that can lead to bad interviewing and hiring results,” he writes.

The interviewer has arbitrary knockout factors

Sullivan says these “knockout factors” prematurely and often unfairly screen out qualified candidates.

Interviewer fatigue

(See The Focused Interview)

In addition, he says, several common interview process errors can cause many problems, including:

The timing

The length of interviews varies

The order of the interview

Consistent location

For a lot more information on interview problems, read Sullivan’s full post here.