A First-Time CEO Weekly Checklist

by GigaOm

A CEO’s time is always valuable, especially at a startup. But with so much to do in that fast-paced environment what are the specific areas he or she should be focusing on in order to be the most productive?

“As a first time CEO, there were times when I would sit at my desk and think, ‘What should I be doing today?’” writes Scott Weiss, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz in a guest post for GigaOm. He wanted to make sure he was working on the things that mattered most, and so he reached out to fellow CEOs and mentors and asked them what they found themselves focusing on when their companies was his size. The result is a checklist first-time CEOs can use to help them prioritize and use their time effectively.

Some advice centered around pushing the team by setting aggressive goals and holding regular group and individual meetings. Others suggested it is important for a CEO to focus on arbitrating any disagreements and get active with management by walking around (MBWA). Another CEO suggested that 30% of a CEO’s time should be spent with his or her customers. For the full checklist, read the full post here.

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