Finding the Best Departmental Fit for Product Management Reporting

by Product Management Tips

Not every company is suited to handle product management reporting.

Thus, product management reporting should be carried out by a person (or, people) that most closely embodies the optimal skill set for a product manager. According to product management adviser Gopal Shenoy, these skills should include a short- and long-term product roadmap, a market-focused approach, an understanding of competitive positioning and other traits. Naturally, this eliminates a number of departments from the outset, including marketing, engineering and sales.

Shenoy concludes by saying that the CEO should be responsible for keeping tabs on product management within a company because he or she will typically possess the necessary qualities to do so. Not all of Shenoy’s readers agree, however. In the comments section, some express concern over potentially spreading a CEO too thin, while others believe that the product manager role should be a dedicated one. (And this is in addition to the challenges product mangers already face.)For more on finding a departmental fit for product management reporting, read the full article by Shenoy.