Fight FAQs with FAQs

by Corporate Eye

Tax time … and in come the questions from investors.

  • “How much did the shareholder received in dividends over the past year?”
  • “What’s the tax cost basis of the stock you sold in the prior year?”
  • “The stock certificate is missing! Where is it?”

How do you handle the never-ending FAQs?

You fight ‘em with FAQs!

Corporate Eye’s John Palizza lauds the age of the corporate website and how it’s now possible to allow shareholders to look up much of this information for themselves.

Well-designed FAQs can be very helpful in getting information to shareholders before they get frustrated. Using the example of the home improvement retailer Kingfisher’s FAQ section,

“[Kingfisher appears] to have looked at their incoming questions from shareholders and attempted to design a page that answered many of them. It is a good example of using the web to help shareholders help themselves if they want to, but you will also note that at the very top of the page, shareholders are given a link to company contact information.”

How’s your FAQ section looking nowadays?