Feedback Up the Corporate Ladder: How to Encourage Your Employees to Tell You What They Really Think

by Harvard Business Review

You shouldn’t have to become an undercover boss to get honest feedback from your employees.

It may be difficult to encourage at first, but in order for you to develop as a manager and steer your company properly they need to feel comfortable telling you what they really think. That involves breaking through the fear of what will happen if they offer negative feedback. After all, it’s difficult for most people to accept criticism. “Tell them that you know everyone makes mistakes, including you, and that they should call out those errors without feeling embarrassed or threatened,” writes Harvard Business Review’s Amy Gallo. “Explain that you need their feedback to learn.”

Gallo also suggests that managers ask for feedback on a regular basis, not just review time, and that they ask for concrete examples. Most importantly, managers should act on constructive feedback. That will encourage others to provide more honest feedback, as well. For more advice on encouraging your employees to tell you what they really think, read the full article here.

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