Faster Hiring: 4 Tips to Build Your A Team Quickly

by Inc.

Faster hiring is your key to efficient time management. Learn how to grow your team without losing days or weeks in the process.

faster hiring

Schuyler Brown of High Peaks Venture Partners spoke with Amicus founder Seth Bannon about faster hiring and covered the top four tips in a post at Inc.

Bannon has “had candidates go to Google instead of his firm, launch their own start-ups, or turn out to have a bad reference,” so he’s learned the hard way just how important it is to save time with faster hiring. Bannon recommends that you “bake recruiting into the company culture or risk missing out on the best candidates.” He also suggests that you skip “in-person meetings,” since they “frequently run long and can quickly destroy your productivity.” Instead, consider “a formal interview process that efficiently eliminates low-probability candidates.” Don’t let your instincts guide you completely when it comes to faster hiring, and use “creative approaches to grab a candidate’s attention.”