Facebook Marketing: 6 Ways to Utilize Gamification Tactics

by Mashable

Facebook is a primed platform for gamification tactics. Here are six ways your company can turn clicks into social commerce and likes into brand advocacy.

In this guest post for Mashable, Gabe Zichermann, chair of the Gamification Summit, shares six of the top core patterns and approaches marketers are using to bring gamification tactics to their Facebook marketing efforts. From establishing a simple points/rewards system to running contests and organizing challenges, Zichermann provides examples of companies utilizing gaming thinking and mechanics especially well.

Zichermann also stresses the importance of getting started by defining your engagement funnel — identifying the right progress points to guide customers towards, and the right metrics to track movement. And he strongly advises leaving the design of gamification elements up to the experts. “Gamification can help drive usage and bridge the gap between clicks and meaningful social activity,” Zichermann writes. Of course, the trick is implementing it effectively.